*Launch of ‘RAAH Super 30’: Free residential study centre in Bengaluru for meritorious underprivileged women in Karnataka*

*’RAAH Super 30′ launched on National Education Day (Nov 11th) – commemorating the birth anniversary of India’s first education minister, Bharat Ratna Dr. Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad*

*‘RAAH’ to empower and aid underprivileged women aspiring for Civil Service Examinations by providing infrastructure and expert guidance*

Bengaluru, November 11, 2023: In a commitment to empower underprivileged and talented young women pursuing success in civil service examinations, RAAH Academy proudly unveiled ‘RAAH Super 30’ , a revolutionary initiative on National Education Day, marking a significant stride towards educational inclusivity.

The ‘RAAH Super 30’ program is a philanthropy initiative by Raah Academy that offers free accommodation to meritorious 30 young women, preferably from socially and economically backward backgrounds. This comprehensive initiative includes providing essential infrastructure for study, access to a well-equipped library system, and expert guidance to ensure these women are well-prepared for competitive examinations.

Aspiring candidates who have completed their graduation in the state across all sections of the society can apply for the ‘RAAH Super 30’ program through the official website https://raahsuper30.com.

The selection process would involve multiple rounds of examinations, and the final cohort of 30 talented young women will be announced after a rigorous evaluation.

National Education Day in India is observed on Bharat Ratna Dr. Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad’s birthday, to pay tribute to the first visionary education minister. Azad’s groundbreaking work laid the cornerstone for India to emerge as a global human resource superpower. His unwavering focus on providing free and affordable education those days has been instrumental in helping the nation today to realize its educational aspirations.

Taking his vision forward, RAAH Academy has launched ‘RAAH Super 30’, a free residential study centre for meritorious women students who are preferably from the underprivileged section of the society.

Mr. Syed Ahmed Hussain, Trustee, RAAH Academy, expressed the importance of launching this program on National Education Day, commemorating the birth anniversary of India’s first education minister. Hussain stated, “In the spirit of Dr. Azad’s vision, the ‘RAAH Super 30’ program, aims to provide a conducive environment and necessary resources to underprivileged young women, empowering them to pursue their dreams of becoming civil servants.”

He further emphasized, “Many talented girls face significant obstacles in pursuing competitive examinations due to financial constraints, social obligations, and lack of guidance. ‘RAAH Super 30’ seeks to address these challenges by not only providing study materials but also creating a supportive and conducive environment for these aspiring young women. Gender equality in education is the need of the hour. Even though the literacy rate of our nation has increased by many folds since independence, yet gender equality with respect to education, especially in the rural population isn’t achieved. Education is the only way which can change a person’s destiny”.

Mrs. Rehana Shameem, Chairman, RAAH Academy, highlighted the importance of gender equality in education. “Education is a crucial step towards the welfare of society, and achieving gender equality is essential for progress. ‘RAAH Super 30’ is our contribution towards promoting gender equality in education and employment. Societies can progress and flourish if women have an equal role to play, and this can be achieved only through education.”

*Details of the initiative:*

Only 30 young women at the graduation level will be selected annually for this post-graduation educational program.

12 months (1 year) of free accommodation and study assistance will be provided for selected female students.

The students will have access to a well-equipped library, hostel facilities, and guidance from experts, senior officers, and subject matter experts.

For more information about the ‘RAAH Super 30’ program, please visit https://raahsuper30.com.

*About RAAH Academy:*

RAAH Academy is a non-profit organization committed to promoting education and empowerment, with a focus on creating opportunities for underprivileged individuals to achieve their full potential.



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